point of view


sering lupa kita berdiri dari titik yang berbeda.
bahan jikapun dari titik yang sama
aku harus selalu mempertanyakan akurasi penglihatan ..
karena itu sering berbeda
jika pun akurasi sama..
mulai lagi dengan pertanyaan tanggapan yang karena isi kepala berbeda..

Point of view, bagaimana kita memandang sesuatu…
kebanyakan tak sama..
point of view, terkadang di posisi sulit untuk melihat namun harus memberikan opini
point of view,terkadang tak melihat namun memberikan opini, karena ingin terlihat sama
poin of view, sering kali membuat perbedaan dalam hidup..

nb: should i put something like #NTMS, to make other know that i wrote for my self.. it’s burdensome when people judge like ” you dont know your self ” meanwhile… I do it for reflection of my self.. ups.. i should not use “reflection of my self” because other will think.. look how arrogant you are..


Photographs from The North American Indian, a 20-volume work published between 1907 and 1930, filled with over 1,500 photographs as well as records of tribal lore and history, biographical sketches, and descriptions of traditional foods, housing, clothing, ceremonies, and customs. American photographer Edward S. Curtis wanted to capture all he could before it vanished. The pictures cover almost all of the USA, even the ice along the Arctic Ocean and the desert border with Mexico. While painting an idealized picture, Curtis’ images also contrasted with the public’s perception of Native Americans as impediments to be moved off useful land.


kegiatan membacaku baru mencakup mengenali.. belum penerapan dan uji
salah satu kegiatan yang disenangi adalah belajar.. membaca..
setidaknya dengan begitu bisa mengidentifikasi sesuatu (lebih tepatnya menjudge sesuatu -_-)
tapi apalah arti membaca, mengetahui namun tak diterapkan. tak diuji..
tak berguna..

Medieval Spanish ghost town becomes self-sufficient ecovillage ›


Spain has over 3000 abandoned villages, mostly dating from medieval times. Today a few are getting rebuilt. They are a few dozen “ecoaldeas” – ecovillages – some nearly thirty years old now. One of the more successful, Lakabe, generates all its own electricity and is economically independent selling a portion of the harvest and their popular organic sourdough bread. Lakabe even has a waiting list of people who want to move in!

should be Shared

Slice of cake

delicious cake should be shared

some call you stupid,
how come you share something delicious..
meanwhile most of people keep it
some call you arrogant
how come you share something delicious..
meanwhile others want it, but they can’t

for some who keep it,
let them taste, to show…
taste is about feeling and it’s relative

for some who want it,
let them taste, to show…
calling people arrogant is about timing and condition